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  • Street Art & Feminism

    "I was uplifted by this tour. It was fabulous in every way, and Julie was wonderful. Her combination of “sparkliness,” good humor, warmth, knowledge, and depth of understanding — both about Paris and feminism—make the tour very special. And the cold lemonade and conversation she provides afterwards make it even more so. I am confident that I speak for everyone in our tour group. Julie’s leadership is also very helpful in providing a balanced understanding of what feminism is, and about how there is a multitude of ways to have a feminist perspective. She is open to questions of every kind and show total respect for everyone on the tour. I’d encourage all to take advantage of it" Kate Minelli, US, 2018.

    Paris' best feminist secrets

    "Amazing experience! Having lived in this area of Paris for over a year, I decided to try and re-discover it in a new light by signing up for Cécile & Julie’s tour… And I was absolutely delighted! From historical insights to unknown fun facts, Cécile and Marion, our two guides for the session, shared their passion with great enthusiasm and remarkable accuracy. But more than a mere tour, the experience was rather more of a friendly walk: after an ice-breaker session at the beginning, we kept on chatting with Cécile, Marion and the other participants, sharing, exchanging views and reflecting on the topics covered, starting with the understandings of feminism. Many thanks to Feminists of Paris for passing on the sadly overlooked stories of those women who contributed to the making of our wonderful city, for this enlightening experience, lovely moment and thought-provoking discussions!" Salomé, France, 2019

    Louvre & Feminism

    "I was intrigued by this visit, and I shall say I wasn’t disappointed. The Louvre can look like a maze to any tourist, and a guided visit is a great way to discover it. If you’re interested in feminism and female artists, you should definitely join !" Dimitry, SIngapore, 2019.

    Visit Paris with hysterical feminists

    "Incredible! One of the best experiences I had in Paris. Would definitely come back and take Feminist street art tour. Julie is awesome, positive, knowledgeable and fun! If coming to Paris - gogogo!" Alexandra, 2019.

  • Mission


    Feminism is the movement that struggles for gender equality. Feminists of Paris approaches feminism from an objective, recreational and educative perspective. Are feminists all radical? What is intersectionality? Do you have to identify as a feminist to defend women's rights? We respond to all your questions during our experiences. In that respect, Feminists of Paris is dedicated to deconstruct stereotypes towards feminists and feminism.


    Open to all, feminists or not, our experiences are based on tolerance, open mindedness and a constant quest for debate. It is through moments of genuine conviviality and judgment-free exchanges that we promote those values. Come share your thoughts on one of our experiences!


    We take you on original tracks and paths, carefully elaborated by our expert team. Together, we will retrace the history, art and culture of Paris through the lens of feminism. We will rediscover forgotten aspects of the French capital, and offer a fresh view on the city of light!

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    Western politicians tend to adopt the view that Islam is inherently patriarchal, and the veil fundamentally oppressive. The problem here is twofold. First, it demonstrates that feminism has not moved on from its colonial premises that guided Western feminism throughout the 20th century. Second,...
  • Team


    Cécile Fara


    Cécile graduated from Sciences Po Paris and University College London, where she found her passion for gender studies and feminism. She got involved in feminist societies and created a feminist fashion collection. She launched Feminists of Paris in 2018, a project that mixes art, culture, history and feminism!

    Julie Marangé


    Julie graduated from the University of Bath in Politics and International Relations, and became passionate about gender studies and feminism . She was elected President of the feminist association of her university, and founded Feminists of Paris in 2018, whilst continuing her Masters in Public Policy.

  • Feminist guides


    Feminist militant, confirmed tour guide

    Degrees: Licence LLCE (langue, literature and culture), Master 1 Ethnologie, Master 2 Humanités et Management


    Feminist militant, project manager (UN Women)  Degrees: Politics and Economics (Univ. of Bath), Master in Human Rights (LSE)



    Feminist militant, actress, founder of the feminist theatre group La Biche Volante

    Degree: Master in Humanitarian Affairs, option gender equality (Sciences Po Strasbourg)



    Feminist militant, passionate about street art.  Degrees:  Licence LLCER (Language, Literature and foreign civilisations), Master 1 MEEF (Enseignement)


    Feminist militant and Paris tour guide

    Degrees: Licence professionnelle guide-conférencier. Licence Histoire de l'Art et Archéologie.


    Feminist militant, artist and photographer

    Degrees: Preparatory class in literature, Licence cinéma audiovisuel


    Feminist militant, passionate about architectural arts 

    Degree: Master in Art history (Univ. of Glasgow)


    Feminist militant. Théophile is responsible of our partnership strategy. 

    Degree: Double Master Sciences Po- Ecole du Louvre: Cultural Politics.


    Feminist militant. Communication officer. 

    Engineering degree: Ecole Centrale d'Electronique

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